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Ready to stop filling the pillbox? Try divvyDOSE.


A new way to care

Your time with your loved ones is precious and wasting that time on the stressful process of sorting medications is a symptom of a poorly designed system of medication delivery. Remove stress and worry from your relationship by letting us take the burden of making sure your loved one takes the right medication at the right time every time.


Easy to switch

We contact your loved one’s current pharmacies and transfer prescriptions and insurance information. 

No time wasted

Home delivery eliminates wasted time standing in line picking up medications.

No extra cost

There’s no extra cost. The cost and copays for prescriptions is the same as your standard 30-day fill price at your local pharmacy. We work with most insurance companies.

Delivered to your door

Prescriptions, OTCs, and vitamins all arrive together in clearly marked divvyPACKS with the time and date. Plus they are linked in order so taking one out of order is hard to do. 


Reduce errors

divvyDOSE is more accurate than standard pharmacy filling practices.

Peace of mind

Give yourself peace of mind knowing that common errors are vastly reduced by divvyDOSE’s human-centered design innovation and technology. We know what a huge responsibility this can be, and our goal is to help shoulder that.