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We developed the COMPASS program to support individuals who have a passion for helping to guide others to better health.

divvyDOSE is a full-service pharmacy. We deliver our customer's pills in pre-sorted packs at no extra cost.

The COMPASS program provides a set of tools, training and "Thank Yous" to individuals, who we call Pilots, interested in spreading the word and encouraging others to become divvyDOSE customers. Our Pilots believe passionately that divvyDOSE will change people's lives for the better. There is no cost to becoming a Pilot and only takes a minute to sign up.


Pilots are allied health professionals or people who are committed to leading those that want better health, but are unsure of the right choices, find their direction. By steering the bewildered through the rough skies of medication errors, Pilots can land their passengers safely at divvyDOSE.

Why divvyDOSE?

Medications are an awkward solution to a distinct problem without easy answers. divvyDOSE creates an elegant resolution to this age-old problem.


help us help you

Every divvyDOSE comes with a simple list of current medications and nutraceuticals that the individual is taking. Each card is printed with the date of printing to ensure that it is the most current list. We have asked that divvyDOSE customers place this card in their wallet and present it to their healthcare providers to clearly communicate what they are currently taking. This saves time and confusion on the part of the patient and the healthcare providers – no more going through bags of bottles, calling 3-4 pharmacies or reading out-of-date or illegible handwritten med lists. Pretty awesome, huh?

How Do I Get My Wings?

Get ready for take-off by signing up for flight school here: