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The Pharmacy

New-School Pharmacy + Old-Fashioned Service.

Pharmacy Reimagined

divvyDOSE is a full-service pharmacy focused on those with multiple chronic conditions and complex medication regimens. We deliver your pills in pre-sorted packs at no extra cost.

divvyDOSE was founded and is led by a physician who was frustrated with the existing model for getting and taking medications, both from a patient and physician perspective.

By collaborating with physicians, pharmacists, designers, technology experts, software developers and an actual live support team dedicated to making you happy, divvyDOSE has created a superior way to care for your health with a focus on empathy and humanity.

Medications don't help anyone if they can't get out of the bottle. divvyDOSE understands that while you want to take your medications properly, doing so over many years is exceedingly difficult. We know that it doesn't need to be this way. Your medications and the way they are delivered to you need to fit your life, not the other way around.

The Team

  • Arvind Movva Founder & CEO A second-generation practicing physician, Arvind became increasingly frustrated watching his patients suffer with chronic diseases that could be managed by taking the right medication at the right dose at the right time. The problem is that people are human. We usually mess something up. Just watch five minutes of reality TV. People can forget, overlook, double-up and make all sorts of other mistakes that prevent them from taking the correct medication to keep them healthy. He saw a flaw in the system and moved with ninja-like speed and precision to correct it. With divvyDOSE, Arvind envisioned an elegant solution to an imperfect system with empathy and wellness in mind. Arvind's a family man, with an extremely supportive wife and four small children, all under 6. He likes to ski, lip sync to '90's hip-hop, and has a dog named Bruce Lee. And even though he'll look you in the eye and deny it, he owns a minivan. When you're a dad to a small army of teacup humans, you don't really have a choice.
  • Luke LonerganChief Operating Officer

    Having spent his career in many corporate management and executive advisory positions, Luke brings a tremendous amount of leadership experience to divvyDOSE in a wide range of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. Moving with similar ninja-like speed and precision as other members of the divvyDOSE team, Luke brings an expertise of dissecting corporate balance sheets and driving business performance. Now, Luke has returned to his hometown to help build a world class finance team to support the vision of divvyDOSE. Luke is inspired to work with similarly skilled professionals to help shape a company that can bring so much benefit to people's lives. Luke and his wife Nicole have three beautiful girls, has never owned a minivan, and when not watching the Cubs, spends his free time showing his girls his amazing moves for their dance competitions.

  • Talha F BasitChief Technology Officer

    Talha has spent his career building software and teams in the Silicon Valley and Chicago. He has Computer Engineering & Japanese degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he worked at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. He has worked at Motorola and two tours at Apple as well as several startups. Talha has a passion for making technology that solves real problems for real people and is excited to apply those skills to divvyDose.

  • Sean CaseyHead of Product

    Sean is a life-long Chicagoan and entrepreneur, first co-founding a successful technology consulting company at 18 and later co-founding Shiftgig, an hourly labor marketplace. He's passionate about applying practical technology solutions to business problems, scaling companies, and helping people. The pharmacy business is not new to Sean: his mom is a Pharmacist and while growing up he would spend time with her in the store. When he's not at divvyDOSE he's outside with his dogs, listening to country music, or cheering on one of his Chicago sports teams.
    Fun fact: "Snack Pirate" is an anagram for Sean Patrick

  • Diane SingerAdministrative Services, Inventory Analyst

    Diane spent the early part of her career in the fashion industry in purchasing and merchandising, a position that required whirlwind travel and excitement. Once she had her little girl, she knew she needed to abandon the nomadic lifestyle for something with stability. She began working with a large local bank, and then moved onto something more suited for her passions - working in the non-profit world for the American Heart Association. She was a part of an organization promoting health and wellness, two things that are very close to her heart. She organized and fundraised for social events in the local community, and knew the money brought in was going directly to research and education. She joined divvyDOSE because she saw a way to continue her passion - to help even more people improve their health and wellness - truly believing that this company will make a huge impact on its customers' lives. At divvyDOSE, Diane is Director of Human Resources, and is affectionately known as the "Mom" of the divvyTEAM. She stays active with CrossFit, Yoga, and bike rides with her family which includes her husband, John, her 8-year-old daughter, Ellie, and three elderly male cats: Gustav, Kirin, and Bernie. Well, the cats don't go on bike rides. They prefer the scooter.

  • Bruce LeeDirector of Good Vibrations

    Bruce Lee has a heart of gold and is the first to know when someone is not feeling well. He has an uncanny ability to look you in the eye and make you feel like he's hugging your soul. A total momma's boy, his interests include treats, naps, and fuzzy blankets. Basically, he's hot chocolate on a winter day. Let it be said that he is one handsome devil and not knowing this is what makes Bruce the Boss.